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A Feature-Rich and Easy to Use Platform that addresses all your
employee management needs

Employee Management

Capture the master data of your employees - personal details, experience documents, statutory details, academic documents, and more. Get information on the employee’s designation, reporting manager, and the organizational hierarchy.

Time and Attendance

Configure multiple shifts, overtime calculation rules, and other complex scenarios. Capture attendance with geo-tracking, geo-fencing, and selfie-uploads via the mobile app. Lock attendance entry to ensure integrity while allowing backdated entry through an approval process.

Leave Management

Configure leave policies based on employee levels (C-level, managers, etc.). Create leave types based on requirement. Default leave types such as maternity, sick, special day, work from home, compensatory off, etc., are already included.
Configure different leave policies and structures with clearly defined criteria. Also, define policies for carry forwards and encashments. Set up multi-stage approvals where needed.

Employee Self Service

Employees have access to the web and mobile app Perk Payroll solution.
Most features are available to employees via the mobile app, such as marking attendance, applying for leaves, submitting expenses, submitting their tax information, tracking attendance, reimbursements and leave approvals, viewing and searching personnel records, receiving internal news and updates, and more.


Configure multiple pay structures for different employee levels, different pay periods, and other custom policies. Simplify the work of the HR and Finance team with easy disbursement. Perk Payroll integrates with popular banks such as ICICI and Axis Bank, wherein files can be generated and uploaded onto the bank portal.

Tax Management

Perk manages the Income Tax calculation once employees fill the tax declaration form on the app. Deductions are calculated accordingly and the pay is disbursed on time.
Perk Payroll also relieves Finance teams by generating challans - PF ECR text file for PF and ESI, Form MC for ESI, PT Form V for professional tax, and Form 24Q for TDS calculation.


Configure reimbursement policies and mandates, expense caps, and more. Employees can submit their expenses via the web and mobile app - all paperless.

  • Your employees submit their expense from perk mobile or web app.

  • They attach receipts and invoices.

  • Managers approve the expense and reimbursement claims.

  • Perk clears the claims along with salary or as per your policy.

Loan Management

Perk makes the management of loan and advance disbursal, deductions, tracking, and statement generation a breeze. Automated scheduling and deductions make the process hassle-free and transparent for you and your employees.

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Mobile App

Depending on your role (Admin, Team or Personal), get all the information you need on the Perk Payroll mobile app.
View and search personnel records. Receive internal communications. Submit and track attendance, leaves, reimbursements, and approvals. Celebrate and plan your peers’ anniversaries and birthdays with the Upcoming Events feature.

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Other Features

Perk Payroll comes with various other handy features such as role management that gives users admin, team or personal access to the app. With team-level access, a manager/team lead can track attendance, approvals, late arrivals, attrition, leaves, and work hours delivered for all the team members. A team-level attendance and leave calendar helps to manage the work and team better.
Perk Payroll offers various customization options to define multiple workflows, reports, and policies that may be unique to your organisation.

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